video trends as siblings raised in the USA display their impressive Igbo-speaking skills


The exceptional Igbo-speaking abilities of a group of siblings raised in the United States of America (USA) have captured the attention of netizens

Despite the common belief that Nigerian children born and raised abroad may not be in touch with their cultural roots, a video featuring the four siblings in the USA has sparked interest among social media users.

The siblings, consisting of a boy and three girls, showcased their proficiency in Igbo language in the video.

In the beginning of the video, one of the sisters initiated the conversation by announcing, “So today, we are in Maryland because my brother just graduated and received his master’s degree

The next sibling, who is a lady speaks in Igbo, “So you guys already know me I’m Sochina, I came from LA to NY to help Naeche out. Naeche can’t go on a plane because of the surgery she had on her leg. this is why I decided to drive from NY to Maryland I will pass the phone to my brother.”

Watch the video below;

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