Man gets an offer from a company after lady came online to shame him over lack of furniture in his home (photos)

Last Friday, October 2, the screenshots of a woman’s Twitter posts went viral online, where she was seen ranting after she visited a man’s home just to find out he had almost no Furniture.
In one of the posts, the lady wrote:
“This guy invited me to his place that had no furniture, this is so disgraceful. Does he not have any shame?”
“Hahahaha you guys are saying I’m being mean, lol I am high maintenance and that’s that on that. I will not leave my fully furniture [sic] house for this. Sorry.”
The lady then posted a snap of the nearly empty apartment and wrote:
“I’ll never come here again.”
The screenshots were posted on Twitter by social media user Lerato M (@Leratompunzi1) who captioned it:

“In case you missed it, this is why the furniture girl is the talk of the town.”
Shortly after her post, a decor business reached out to try and find the humiliated man. According to Lerato, @RoyalPlushDecor wants to give the man a home makeover.

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