Photos: People Blamed Lady's Outfit After She Was Harrassed By a Young Man in Lagos

Our society frowns at molestation, and when such happens, oftentimes, the perpetrators do not go unpunished.

See What Father Forced his little child to do (video)

However, overtime, many people have blamed the female gender for being the cause of many of the molestation incidences because of the way they dressed.

Many ladies have been accused of wearing indecent dresses, and thereby getting unnecessary attention from predators who could not control themselves.

See What Father Forced his little child to do (video)
Similarly, this was the case of a lady, who was harrazed by a young guy at computer village in Lagos, as seen in a viral video on social media.

The video showed a young beautiful lady walking along the street, and all of a sudden a young guy ran after her and spanked her backside.

The lady looked back, but the guy has ran away and vanished into the midst of the crowd, but the lady rain curses on the perpetrator.

Shockingly, people present at the scene of the incident, refused not to meddle in the matter, as they were all watching and laughing at the incidence.

See What Father Forced his little child to do (video)

laughing at the incidence.

Consequently, many people who reacted to the incident in social media, blamed the lady's dress for the harrazement.

In your view, do you think the lady's dress is provocative or warranted what happened ?

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